From the looks of most golf tournaments, lots of PGA players command the adoration of young and old fans alike. Jordan Speith, a new fresh face, Ricky Fowler, the young gun moving up the range, and even Hunter Mahan all appear to rank high in popularity.
But as the 2013 Barclay’s tournament in Jersey City, NJ, proved…tiger-and-phil-300x196

GOLF TOURNEYS: It’s Tiger, Phil and Everyone Else.


Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Attachment-1Not a day goes by when driving in New Jersey that I don’t spit out new and unusual curse words.
Between the signs, or lack of, the sheer number of drivers and potholes the width of the Passaic River and depth of political corruption, driving in the Garden State leaves no guessing to why we possess some of the most expensive insurance rates in the US.
The other day I was so tense, I left impressions in the steering wheel, yelled at an old lady and felt my heart stop when a deer appeared behind me. And when I left my driveway, it got worse.
But NJ has nothing on The Lone Star Stateā€¦.